NESynth for iPhone

NESynth is now available. I hope to give it a go and post some impressions in the next day or two. If you’ve tried it please let me know.

NESynth at the app store:

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Mujik for iPhone available

I’m excited to try out this app, not just because of the wait, but also because it has such an interesting interface too. It feels more like an old fashioned music box rather than music software.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to use it over the weekend and post up some thoughts. But for now, have a look at the previous videos, or check the developer’s site, and get it at the app store, it’s free!

Mujik at the app store:

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Seno DS Sequencer

Thanks to TCTD (got it right this time) for pointing me at this blog post on the new UI for Seno DS sequencer.

New features coming and a video soon. As soon as I hear about them I will post them.

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Getting Star6

Well, as my previous post on Star6 caused so many comments I thought I really ought to try it out and see what it is like for real. So I’ve just bought it and I’m going to try it later on today and maybe post something tomorrow or the next day.

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Trumplet now free

I haven’t tried this app, but it is now free so I thought I’d post it.

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iPhone graphical programming language

Itch Demo 1 from jonbro on Vimeo.

Great graphical language for iPhone programming. I hope this keeps moving on.

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Pete Cole on porting from iPhone to Windows Mobile

There’s been a bunch of articles around Microsoft’s pull to developers to port their applications from iPhone to Windows Mobile. Pete has some interesting views on this on his blog, and worth reading if you were considering it.

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Akai controllers?

Whatever happened to these Akai controllers featured on CDM last month? I was expecting some more info to come out.

I was thinking again about getting the Korg controllers and then remembered that I hadn’t heard any more about them?

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Something More by Ecnetsixe

Made with Amidio apps all working together. How great is that.

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