JR Hexatone Pro round up

I thought I’d do one post on all the sites who’ve picked up on Hexatone rather than post on the all individually. I also thought I’d include a couple of the videos too. The rest you can find on the other site links. All good stuff. Hope you’re enjoying this awesome app from Amidio.

JR Hexatone Pro at the app store:
JR Hexatone? Pro

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  1. Hi do you know if you can record from the mic input? i'm a little confused about that function.
    It says 'an' external mic – this could be ace if it recognises kit like the alesis protrack.

  2. With this and Sunvox (I gave in and bought it via iTunes so I could get it onto my iPod Touch 1g) I need a couple of weeks just fiddling! Both are quite taxing on the old brain though. Manuals and tutorials here I come!

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