How big is your habit?

I added up what I’d spent on apps last month and it came as a bit of a shock! So, is your app store habit out of control or have you made tough decisions on what to buy and what not to?

Any good suggestions for taming my habit gratefully received.

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  1. I am an app addict (mostly music and photography apps) so to budget myself I stopped using my credit card for purchases and switched to buying iTunes Gift Cards. I'm trying to stick to $50 per month or less … a habit it is but better than drugs and this is one habit that I don't feel bad about.


  2. I probably average around $20 (AU)/month, though hexatone and sunvox will make it higher this month.

    I've got many apps I haven't spent enough time with, so I'm trying to track my wishlist on appshopper rather than just buying everything.

    The app store is great retail therapy; I treat myself to a few $1 apps now and again for the chance to play with something new. Cheap!


  3. I spend way too much. Vacation meant too much time to drool and click “buy app”. Appshopper and apptism (I think) have wishlist features and price alerts too.


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