Sunvox is on the iPhone at last

Fantastic news. Sunvox is finally at the app store, I can’t wait to try it out and see how the interface works on the iPhone.

Sunvox at the app store:

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  1. Do you how this is gonna work with the other versions? Will I need to buy for each platform I'm going to use it on? (iphone,win,OSX) I've bought the iphone version and I'm loving it!!

  2. As far as I can tell you have to pay for the desktop / windows mobile / Palm versions all as one package, and the iPhone version is separate.

    Hopefully Alex will read this and confirm my view

  3. I just downloaded Sunvox for iPhone. It looks very powerful. The UI is quite confusing though. I keep losing parts of the interface. Has anyone made any good tuts for this yet?

  4. Even if I need to buy the desktop and other mobile versions, $15 total for the sunvox package is a great deal. Maybe having the palm/ppc versions will tempt me to pick up a cheap PDA. I miss my nx73 and tapwave zodiac.

  5. Those videos helped a lot, but still- wow this one is making me feel pretty dumb. Like the other poster mentioned, my main problem (besides getting it to make a noise) is keeping track of the interface. It's just going to take some work and time I guess.

  6. as much as's interface (flipping through tons of pages) frustrates me, i kind of wish i could flip through 3 main pages on sunvox (track, modular section, sequencer). maybe i just need to get used to it though. maybe i should get it on pc and get used to the program!

    5 dollars is a great deal by the way

  7. Sadly it hates iPod Touch 1G so no Sunvox for me and my external mic. I could probably edit the installation files to make it install, but I don't see why I should bother any more.

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