Playing with FIRe

I downloaded some field recordings from FIRe today, and was really impressed with the quality of the recordings, it is excellent considering that it comes from a mobile phone.

The HTTP server in the app gives you lots of detail about the files and offers you three choices about the file format to download in. So I’m hoping that FIRe will continue to get enhancements and upgrades on a regular basis.

FIRe at the app store:
FiRe - Field Recorder

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  1. would you recommend the blue mikey or alesis protrack with this?

    i'm starting to think about the blue, the alesis looks awesome but i don't think the iphone can replace my zoom h4 just yet…

  2. As for Protrack or Blue I can't comment as I don't own either. I've just had a look at the protrack and can't believe the price £179 !!! I then had a look at the blue, but it is out of stock at the moment.

    I don't think I can justify £179 at the moment for a whole host of reasons.

    I've just been using the built in mic on the iPhone and have got good results for field recording.

    I might give in to the protrack in time, but I'm still put off by the price for now.

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