iPhone mic

This looks like an excellent mic for the iPhone, although the translation page isn’t too easy to read. I’m hoping it’ll get a decent distributor in the UK.

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  1. cool. i wouldn't mind ditching my zoom h4 and just carrying around my iphone (and mics)! i can't get my h4 to work very well as an interface and that's one of the big reasons i got it….

    it doesn't look like you can adjust the mics on this though. if you can, then it might be awesome for improving audio quality on video recordings

  2. Logitec is a major peripheral company in Japan. They are part of Elecom, so I guess this would be their distributor in Europe.

    Too bad it is not 1st gen touch compatible. (Then again, some companies say this, but it is not true. It may just be that they've decided not to bother with the testing required to declare compatibility.)

    I see it already being sold for $115 in the US, but direct purchase from the company is quoted to be ¥7980 in a Yahoo Japan news article.


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