Could this be it?

Lots of rumours today about the alleged mac tablet. I have to say that if it does look like this I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

I like the idea of a 10 inch iPod Touch, but not with OSX mobile. I’d rather have leopard or snow leopard running on something small but something I had more control over.

Who knows if it is even real, there always seem to be a round of these stories all at once and I think they’ve been going at least a couple of years if not more. One thing is certain, if Apple want to enter this market they’ll need to do something real innovative.

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  1. I suspect Apple will go with the mobile version. That is, an overgrown iPod touch (though it sounds like it will also have a much better processor). The desktop/mouse interface of OS X doesn't fit gracefully with a touchscreen input device so rather than trying to kluge a solution Apple will go with the new strategy as they have with the iPhone/iPod touch.

  2. So far I can't see a use for it, but I'm happy to be convinced later. Maybe sept for a release???

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