Need your views

I posted this earlier today, and got this comment which I think is really useful. Please let me know if this is a generally held view, and if it is then I’ll try to change my posting habits.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with that feedback.
    Personally, I'd like to hear more about how you're using various apps, and what your current favourites are and why.

    There are such a lot of apps now though that the blog format may not be the best for keeping track of where everything is at– it's good for latest news, but if you want to compare the various sequencers say, it's hard to do– have you thought of using a wiki format for info/articles that is less ephemeral than news of the latest releases?


  2. Thanks gregor, you've touched a nerve actually, I've been thinking that whilst the blog is fine for news and the like, it doesn't really have the capacity for more detail and permanence.

    I have been working on a way to address this, but it takes time and energy and whilst I have enough of the later, I don't have too much of the former.

    I will get to it though, something is coming that I hope will make things better.


  3. Okay… I follow you mainly on Twitter, and then look further if it's something of particular interest, so I quite like the short frequent posts, and I appreciate the “cherry picking”
    When you ask this sort of question, you will get people answering many different opinions on how they personally would like your materially formatted. Ultimately though, it's your time being consumed, so my initial reaction is to do it however makes you happy. Since you asked, I mainly follow you for news updates and to get more info about some of the better music apps. I also like reviews and comparison discussions and finding a way of indexing them wiki style for quick reference might be nice.


  4. I like the idea that was posted about using Twitter for the shorter/update posts. That would leave the blog for posts with a few more details or for reviews and commentary.


  5. i'm with Metaphormidable – do it how you want to! it's not a huge struggle for us to weed through posts that don't interest us, particualry if they're short

    i do like the more in depth articles though, and news on what you're doing (ie with older Palms/platforms, writing your own apps, bending, etc)


  6. I find it manageable as it is. I also like the twitter approach, giving access to the links to the full articles.

    I visit at least once per day and particularly like the stuff where you've been in contact with the developers personally.

    When I started my blog I thought there was no need to cover new app releases because your blog does it so well. So I just added your blog to the right hand side of mine.


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