I’m aware that since the enormous explosion of apps for the iPod Touch and the iPhone I haven’t been covering everything. There’s quite a few apps that I haven’t covered and I guess some I don’t even know about.

What I’d like to know is are you happy with that, or would you like me to cover a lot more apps rather than cherry pick what I think is good?

Interested in all views.

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  1. Hi !!
    I appreciate your blog because it's interesting to be informed of all that happen in music production for mobile devices. But I follow your by RSS, and my opinion is that you post too often with only 3-4 lines where we don't reaaly learn something.
    For me it's not necessary to say that there's an update for every application. People who have them know that there is an update and those who don't have the application are not interested in that. I would really prefer less posts, but real reviews of new applications (or even an older that you really like/use).
    I hope it can help you !


  2. That's really useful to know. I'm going to take your comments on board.

    On the app updates, the one reason that I do post these is mainly if people are waiting for a particular feature etc on an app to come out before they buy it and so might not know about new features as yet.

    Even so, your point is well made and I really appreciate the feedback.


  3. This may be rather temporary interest from me, but iPhone app are rather exiting. They fit so well to my installation concept making music without learning to play an instrument.
    Maybe you can help me with current task. I have been looking so hard last 10 days for a iPhone app that acts like sequencer (Melodica, Pak/Sound, Tone Pad) and sends these plying notes to my mac (like iTM Matrix). I have bought about 20 candidates, but no luck so far. This is such a obvious thought that I can not believe it is not implemented.
    Your blog has been the most valuable info well for me so far and I wish I had found it sooner.


  4. I second CafardNaum – the signal/noise ratio can get uncomfortably close to the unsubscribe threshold. But don't be offended, Palm Sounds is one of only a dozen or so blogs in my primary reader (i.e. the important stuff).


  5. More content, less posting sounds like an interesting idea to me too. I often gloss through most of the update posts (but then again, I don't own an ITouch/IPhone yet either).



  6. It's right that I read many many blogs, and it's difficult for me to spend time for useless notes (useless for me).
    I also do a webzine, and I think that the best is to mix nice & longer reviews on the blog and shorter news on Twitter/Tumblr. In fact I think that the way you do your blog for now suits perfectly the uses I've seen of Tumblr.
    Hope it helps your thinking ! 🙂


  7. I read Palm Sounds specifically because it's comprehensive. I can get notices of the more top-level news from a dozen other sources. But I want to know every little thing that's happening in mobile audio. It's such an exciting time in the field that no news is really unimportant.

    If there has to be some balance, I'd be fine giving up the small updates. If some app goes from version 1.01 to 1.02 and the changes are only bug fixes, sure, I can see that being less useful. But even if there are small updates in functionality, like adding support for SoundCloud for example, that's important to know because it's evidence of a direction developers/audience are moving in.

    If the posts are reduced to new apps and industry news, I already get that duplicated elsewhere, so I'd be unlikely to continue reading Palm Sounds, which would be too bad since I'm not aware of any other source providing what it currently does.

    Thank you for what you're doing.


  8. I think the blog is perfect as it is. After all, it's up to Palm Sounds what he puts in his blog and your choice as to whether you read it or not!! Comprehensive and brilliant…. keep up the good work!!


  9. I like things as they are. I skip all the articles that I am not interested in by previewing them in an RSS feed and then visit the blog to read your post and comments on the ones that interest me. Splitting the short posts into a Twitter account would, frankly, be inconvenient for me and other people who do not want to have their days dominated by tweets.
    Nonetheless, I agree that minor updates do not need individual posts. How about a weekly “minor update roundup”?


  10. It's fine the way it is now! I enjoy all the great mobile tid bits even if it's news of app updates. Besides, it gives all something to do while waiting for the SLLOOOOOW apple approval process.

    Sunvox where are you!???


  11. Thanks to everyone who's commented on this. There's lots of useful stuff here.

    I think I will leave some of the minor updates off the blog, and perhaps post them to twitter instead.

    My biggest trouble is that there is just so much stuff going on and so much to talk about, but I guess I shouldn't complain about that


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