TRG Pro revived

Well, I got my batteries recharged and fired up my old TRG Pro again. What a great little device considering it was first made around 2001.

As I hardly ever use this device the batteries are always going flat and it loses everything. However, as it has a CF card (rare for this vintage of Palm PDA) I can restore everything in one go.

So, what can you do with a TRG Pro these days? Well the honest answer is not too much. Most of the apps on the TRG Pro which are of any use require connection to an external MIDI device, so you can’t do much with it by itself which is a shame really.

If I’m honest this is a museum piece and not much more although I constantly toy with the idea of writing some MIDI application for it to make it do something strange. Somehow I can’t see myself getting around to doing that.

But for a device this old it is great to keep it around and for it’s day it was very innovative. By today’s standards it isn’t too good for much though. Still, maybe I’ll connect it up to my MU15 and get it to make nice GM sounds. I’d rather connect it to an SG20, but that’s a whole different story.

If you’re interested in my previous tinkering with the TRG Pro, read these posts:

First Steps, More OS4 and TRG Pro, and Baby Hedgehog.

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Sunvox update

Sunvox desktop versions (especially OSX) just got a minor bug fix which you might not know about if you haven’t bought the full app as yet. Still no news on the iPhone app, but no real surprises there.

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New True Chip site

True Chip (a great source for chiptune news) has a new look to their site.

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Older Palm Music (OS4)

I’ve had a couple of comments on writing more stuff on older devices and applications, and I think I’m going to do some more on this in the future. However, as a small start I thought I’d post a little reminder that there is a load of older posts on Palm OS4 here which I wrote a while back and might be useful if you want to do something with an old Palm device.

I’m planning to dust off (literally) my TRG Pro device and revisit some of those old applications so stay tuned for some retro PDA music posting.

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Need your views

I posted this earlier today, and got this comment which I think is really useful. Please let me know if this is a generally held view, and if it is then I’ll try to change my posting habits.

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DopplerPad 1.01 update

Whilst this is just a bug fix release for DopplerPad it does mean that their 1.1 is closer and with it integration with FourTrack, which will be very interesting to see how that all works.

DopplerPad at the app store:

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Randgrid update

Randgrid gets an update for bug fixes only. I haven’t used this app in ages to be honest. I should revisit it I think. The thing is I’ve probably got loads of apps in that category!

RandGrid at the app store:
Randgrid synthesizer and drum machine
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