Have you voted?

I always think it is a good idea to vote for stuff you think is worthwhile. Although there aren’t too many music apps on this there are few and so worth supporting.

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Anyone using GearJunkies User Studios?

I was taking a look at this stuff today and wondering about putting some of my mobile stuff on it. I wondered if anyone who reads the blog has their set up on there?

If you do, please let me know.

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Loads of Apple netbook rumours again

Once again there are loads of rumours about an Apple netbook, apparently for this autumn.

Obviously it’d be great news if they did bring one out, but they’ve consistently said that they won’t bring one out. One question I have is what OS would it run? Before Chrome OS was announced I would have assumed that an Apple netbook would run standard OSX, but now I wonder if Apple might do something in the middle ground between OSX and the iPhone OS?

Who knows.

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Gamesalad update

I don’t know if anyone is keeping an eye on GameSalad, but I think it is a good idea. Eventually GameSalad will have a player app that sits on the iPhone (and other platforms?) that runs games made in the GameSalad creator.

I’m guessing that they will make a small charge using in app payments for each game etc and that’s how they’ll make money. The interesting thing for me is if users will take gamesalad and make it do things that it was never really meant for, like music applications for instance?

The other interesting point is that it sounds a lot like Antix as well, although I’m not sure of the detail of how Antix works.

I know that a fair number of developers are looking at in app purchase as a start point for their own micro-payment system, but I don’t think that any music apps have used it as yet.

It’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

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DGOS update

DGOS blog is updated again and work continues on the replacement OS for the Palm.

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A Couple of pictures from yesterday’s music hack day

Sadly I couldn’t stay or go back today due to a minor family crisis, but I though I’d post these pictures.

I actually spent some time talking to the guys form RJDJ about how they see their apps developing and the kinds of new content they are working on. I think it is only fair to say that you can expect some fairly awesome things in the next few months from RJDJ.

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Ellatron news

New Ellatrons coming according this twitter post:

3 new Ellatrons in review at the App Store – Organtron, Orchestron and Synthron. All are subsets of full Ellatron, priced at 99c.

Original Ellatron at the app store:

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