Yonac do it again and announce the release of Steel Guitar. Steel Guitar utilizes several features to empower the guitarist including::

  • Slide guitar emulator with “pedal” bending and multiple instruments
  • 4 instruments:
  • Lap Steel (6-String)
  • Eight-String
  • Nashville (10-String with E9 tuning)
  • Texas (10-String with C6 tuning)
  • 4 different tones per instrument:


  • Easy fretboard scrolling
  • Built-in common tunings and/or pedal-hookups for each instrument
  • Volume/pitch bend pedals hooked up with 4 axes of the iPhone/iPod Touch Accelerometer
  • Adjustable fret width, pickup height and string spacing
  • Chorus/Vibrato effect
  • Compatible for iPod play along
Here’s what Yonac have to say about the app:

CEO and Steel head designer James Yonac remarks:

“The Guitar has always been my first love…after working on a good deal of musical apps, [one] gets to know
the iPhone interface inside and out. For some time, we have been working on emulating an instrument that
would fit the iPhone interface like the proverbial glove. One of my personal favorites is the pedal steel. The
most interesting thing about [the iPhone] is how well it is suited to emulate something like a lap or a pedal
steel. You control the actual instrument with a so-called ‘bar’, with which you slide from fret to fret, and use
your dominant hand to pluck, and pretty much take it from there. It’s much easier than attempting to play a
conventional guitar on such a small screen, and in my opinion, much more musical. This carried over very well
to the iPhone platform, and I think we hit the spot with how we implemented the emulation. This also sets Steel
Guitar apart from most of the guitar apps out there: it’s something unique in this arena of instrumentation, and
not something you’re going to see many likes of.”

Another great app from Yonac, and a direction that I wasn’t expecting from them. I think I’ll have to give it a try.

Yonac Steel Guitar at the app store:
Steel Guitar

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