Having written about two Basic apps for Palm OS (Garnet) today I noticed this. But sadly, you’re not going to see it anytime soon as Apple in their infinite wisdom have decided that it is a ‘platform‘!!!

I can’t see how that can be true, but there you have it. Sad isn’t it.

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  1. A little, but its pretty clear from the SDK licenses that you aren't allowed to make stuff like this…

    Anything that would be an interpretive runtime programming environment is a definite no-no according to their license.

    so… its a bummer that these guys did all the work (app dev, manual, website, etc), only to be rejected. But they really should have known…


  2. I know you're right, but it isn't really a runtime environment, it is more like a little toy, and apps like Bento and Tapforms and Handbase are doing very similar things.


  3. Pretty stupid to disallow this though- it doesn't provide anything JavaScript doesn't already provide. In fact, you could write a basic interpreter in JavaScript if you were so inclined.

    I thought the restrictions on languages would be around those that allow deeper access to the os- like to provide sound. This Basic doesn't seem to provide that, so I don't get why they bother to disallow it.


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