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hi this goes out to jalcide mainly but anyone can help!

I’ve rectools08 and the alesis protrack.

I can record audio in but i cannot monitor it or here the click track etc. I’ve tried plugging headphones into the iphone socket and the protrack socket.

any help would be amazing!


Anyone help out? I don’t have a protrack so can’t advise.

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  1. Hi thanks a lot for posting this!

    I'm still waiting to here back from yudo about it, but after some translation efforts i've got an idea that software monitoring was disabled on purpose due to the iphone's processing limitations. Latency was an issue i believe: )

    In the mean time i've come up with a rough solution…

    Use 2 pairs of headphones!

    One in-ear set from the iphone to here the click track and whatever you've already recorded.

    A pair of bigger 'cans' worn over the top and plugged into the protrack to here what you're playing!

    from the quick test i did this morning there appears to be no latency issues with this method as it is not taxing the iphone at all!

    Anyone with other suggestions and comments would be most welcome: )


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