Amidio not happy with "Official" apps

Amidio aren’t happy with the volume of “Official” apps that have appeared on the app store.

I’m not very happy about it either. I can understand that they all want to get their apps out there, but it make finding anything else really difficult.

You can read Amidio’s views here.

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  1. I agree with the Amidio post. As a music app consumer, it sucks to have to wade through all the band promo and radio apps to look for cool music-making apps. (Actually, I gave up some time back and now rely on this blog!)

    There needs to be more music app categories.

    Perhaps, this blog would be the right place to start a petition.


  2. I agree! I gave up looking through for any new music apps the other day. There really needs to be some sort of split between actual apps that create music vs. musician fan apps. Actually I can't understand why those “official” apps are even allowed …. what a waste.


  3. I'm sure there's a place for this stuff, but 'music' is too generic a category for applications, and with over 100 pages of apps it is becoming really difficult to find things.

    Apple really needs to address the issue as you can't manage over 65,000 apps in a handful of categories.


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