Sunvox 1.4 has arrived

The always excellent Sunvox has been updated to version 1.4. Here’s what’s new:

  • iPhone port;
  • OSX port;
  • multitouch support;
  • design improvements and optimization;
  • updated icon editor (now in separate window);
  • updated sampler (added base note and frequency for each sample);
  • sunvox_config.ini: added “touchcontrol” option; use this option if your device has touchscreen without pen (stylus), or if you just want a large buttons;
  • sunvox_config.ini: now “audiodevice” option works in Windows (and Windows Mobile) too; example of usage: audiodevice 1 //set second audio device of your computer;
  • added new effect 19 – re-trigger note after PPPP ticks during the line;
  • added new effect 1C – cut note after PPPP ticks in the current line;
  • added new effect 1D – delays the start of note until tick PPPP in the current line;
  • added respective simple examples: std_effect_retrig.sunvox; std_effect_cut.sunvox; std_effect_delay.sunvox;
  • added “hide effects” function in the pattern editor’s menu;
  • added “Touch Theremin” experimental tool for realtime playing;
  • tons of bugs fixed.

Of course, we still have to wait for the iPhone version. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long.

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RJDJ composer pack

RJDJ have posted more details on the composer pack for use with Pure Data.

So, who’s going to make some scenes too?

RJDJ apps at the app store:
Reality Jockey Ltd.

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Little Boots Remedy video

For anyone interested in Little Boots her video for Remedy is out now. Not bad.

Little Boots at the app store:
Little Boots

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iDrum Video Game edition

iZotope have released another version of iDrum and CDM has the scoop here.

iDrum Video Game edition:
iDrum Video Game Edition

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Can you find what you need?

I got a comment saying that there was some stuff on the blog that was useful but difficult to find. Are you able to find stuff on the blog that you need or want, or does it need some kind of better organisation or search?

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Euno Lite for the iPhone

Here’s another new synth for the iPhone.

euno lite is the pioneering and innovative new-generation mobile synth App from Electric Ears.

Make your own music anywhere on your iPhone or iPod Touch with the new all-in-one pocket mono-synth. Its unique ‘sounds as color’ interface will help you to create unlimited mobile music.

euno lite delivers exactly the right synth software for everyone looking to make music on the go – whenever and wherever they want.

Delivering instinctual design with music in mind, euno lite packs a detailed yet compact set of features within a subtractive synth program.

Consisting of three Oscillators, 4 Waveforms (including Ring Modulation) a 6db/12db Filter, an Envelope, a Master Controller set-up alongside its versatile Keyboard facility as well as real-time Pitchbend and Filter Cutoff controllers.

euno lite is unique because of 2 things… One, it offers the best sound you can get from a mobile device. Two, its versatile keyboard, offering normal, legato/glissandi and tremolo playing modes as you could have never imagined on an iPhone/iPod touch.

To take most advantage of it, we do recommend to use euno lite with your favorite sequencer or with your favorite FX pedal set together with your guitar amp!

I’ve no idea what it is like, but I might give it a try and let you know. If you’ve tried it yet please comment in what you think.

Euno at the app store:
euno lite

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Away …

I’ve been away and largely out of touch for a few days, and it seems like loads has happened over the weekend so I’m just starting to settle down and work my way through what’s been going on. Expect a lot of posts soon.

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