10 comments on “What do you want from DopplerPad?”

What do you want from DopplerPad?

After a few days of using DopplerPad I can safely say I’m hooked. It is a lot like using a software Kaossilator, but with more features.

However, I’m guessing that like me you’ve probably got a list of things you’d like to see from DopplerPad, so why don’t we make a list of the features we’d like to see get into the next and subsequent releases.

I’ll start off with a couple:

1. I’d like to be able to clear the last instrument recorded to a loop without clearing the whole loop.

2. I’d like to be able to save the track / song etc (and retrieve it of course).

So, what would you like to see? Comment in your features and we’ll see what the devs say.

DopplerPad at the app store:

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6 comments on “Rediscovering the madplayer”

Rediscovering the madplayer

I was playing with a friend’s Madplayer this morning and I’d forgotten just how usable it is. In DJ mode it works brilliantly. I’m going to have to dust mine off soon and start using it again.

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1 comment on “Music video”

Music video

All made with an iPod Touch. Thanks to P4KO for sending this in.

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