Amidio to offer real audio app integration support

Amidio left this comment today:

Within a few days we will launch new version of our main website

We will start to expand our ioLibrary program by offering SDK for exporting .wav, wi-fi server operations and much more. We’ve got these things steady and working.

(So we will offer real help with code and programming)

We also are finishing an SDK for unified clock syncing between the apps via wifi/bluetooth. Also midi via wifi will be available at some point.

Not sure about what these guys want to do with their MAPI. From what I’ve seen there are just words and no real mention of what they intend to do on the code level. Maybe they will want to join our ioLibrary program at some time.

So, will Sonoma and their initiative join with Amidio? I hope so, it would be a shame if we end up with two different integration standards.

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  1. Oh dear…. Can anyone say VHS and Betamax!

    Please learn from past mistakes. NO ONE BENEFITS FROM MULTIPLE STANDARDS!!!!! It negates the idea of having a standard at all.


  2. Of course it's easy for the programmers to think that the other iphone products are competitors.

    But music making is NOT a competition.

    When I make music, I want to be able to use any tool, be it hammers or wrenches or whatever.

    Can't we all just… get along!


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