Code for Hack Day visualiser

If you’re interested in the code for the music visualiser that was made at the London Music Hack Day then click here and follow the page to the bottom where you’ll see a link to the code.

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Handheld Music Group at SoundCloud

A new group has opened at SoundCloud just for Handheld Music. Here’s the purpose of the group:

This group will highlight music created with handheld/mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm, etc. Please include information about the device/applications used in your creation and whether the track was created exclusively on a handheld or just in part.

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Noise IO 1.4.1

Noise IO Pro Synth has just been updated again to version 1.4.1. This version has a few interface tweaks like a delete button in the record menu.

Noise IO at the app store Pro Synth

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8bitone update

8bitone has been updated with mainly UI and bug fix stuff.

8bitone at the app store:

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Nice video from Music Hack Day

Music Hackday 2009 from chameleonic on Vimeo.

Music Hack Day video.

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Randgrid 1.0.5 update

Randgrid gets an update to Version 1.0.5 includes:

New features:
– New graphics.
– Four new drumkits added.
– Autosave option (when moving between pages) removed.
– Auto rotation.

RandGrid at the app store:
Randgrid synthesizer and drum machine
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Sunvox submitted to the app store

NightRadio has submitted Sunvox to the app store now. How long will Apple take to allow this one through?

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