CDM on Zoom mobile video

CDM has the news on this new device from Zoom. The Q3 video recorder which includes the stereo mic from the H4n. The device is expected in September this year. More from CDM.

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Get Curtis now

This from the Strange Agency site:

We tweaked the Curtis audio routings to pump sound out of the main speaker rather than the earpiece. So.. happy.. now..

Pending potential bug fixes (never say never), that wraps up Curtis Lite. Rather than spring a whole new beast on our users, we’d like to roll out the Heavy features as we build them. At the same time, we would like to keep a Lite (or even Free) version around. So, in order to reward our early adopters, Curtis Lite will morph into Curtis Heavy at the next update. At this point, the Heavy price will go up and a Lite or Free version may come out.

Mouthful? The short version: if you own Curtis Lite, you get Heavy for free. The sooner you buy in, the cheaper the price.

Curtis on the app store:
Curtis - Granular Synthesizer

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RJDJ on the Music Hack Day

RJDJ blog gets a post about their experience at the music hack day.

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New Yonac app submitted

And another 4 in development!

Excellent stuff from the makers of MegaSynth and MiniSynth. Can’t wait to see what they have in store, and love the oscilloscopes. You guys should post some pictures of those.

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The quick guide to space

The Strange Agency have added a quick guide to space for those of us who don’t have time for the full manual. Thanks.

Sound Scope Space at the app store:
Sound Scope Space

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PianoStudio 1.1 coming

PianoStudio update 1.1 is with Apple. The update includes twitter, facebook and email song sharing facilities. Sounds really good. I’d like to see how this has been implemented when it comes out.

PianoStudio at the app store:

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Retronyms announcement due 21st

Retronyms have a product launch due on the 21st.

It is going to be great.

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DGOS update

There’s a general project status update at the DGOS blog which is really helpful if you want to understand a bit more about what DGOS is about.

Also interesting is that you’ll be able to dual boot your Palm device between Palm OS and DGOS.

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Sony PCM M10 Digital Audio Recorder (via Synthtopia)

Synthtopia has this post on a new Sony handheld recorder expected in October. Price is $399 which is a bit high for me, but it looks good anyway.

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Not entirely sure what this has to do with the Korg DS-10. Maybe someone can explain?

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