Working with Jasuto

I got some time to play with Jasuto just recently and lost quite a lot of time just enjoying the interface and how you can end up making something that sounds quite strange and interesting without doing very much at all.

Having just spent time using Pd on the mac for a few days I’ve found Jasuto a real pleasure to work with and it is really suited to the style of music I’m making right now, if you can call it a style that is.

I like the whole idea that the patch is the synth, but in many ways I think Jasuto is a combination of both really, for me anyway. I’ve found that I can make the whole basis for a piece using Jasuto, and I think I’ve only just started to scartch the surface of it.

If you haven’t tried it as yet then you really should give it a go.

Jasuto is available at the app store:
Jasuto modular synthesizer

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