SoundGrid on the bus

I was on the bus yesterday and gave over some time to play with SoundGrid.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I like most about mobile music apps is the ability to get started with something almost immediately. SoundGrid fits the bill. There’s always a balance between being able to get into making some music quickly and having enough control over the sound. I think that SoundGrid is quite close to achieving that balance.

I like the fact that I can start off a track and make something reasonable in just a few minutes then stop and start as and when I please. What I think it could do with is a little more control over the sounds themselves. Nothing major, but perhaps some basic synthesis so I could start a track and then adjust the sounds as I wanted them in real time.

Just a thought. SoundGrid is still and excellent app with lots of scope.

SoundGrid at the app store:

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