Beat Thang: Playa Thang for iPhone

The Beat Kangz are preparing “The Playa Thang“, a playback application for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms featuring 20 production ready Beat Kangz beats. No idea when this app will arrive as yet.

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LSDJ v3.9A is out (via True Chip)

True Chip posts on the new version of LSDJ.

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Full list of Hacks from London

For those who are interested, here is the full list of hacks made at the music hack day in London last weekend. It includes some RJDJ scenes too.

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Noise IO users asked to play …

An interesting story of Noise IO users being invited to play with Indie band Good Night, States. Read more at engadget.

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Win95 on the iPhone???

Windows 95 on an iPhone? I have to ask why?

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DGOS update

More on DGOS architecture.

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4 Tracks DX Pocket Studio update

4 Tracks Audio Recorder from the Little Code Shop has been updated to version 2.1. The new version includes updates for OS 3.0, and stability and speed improvements.

4Tracks Audio Recorder is available at the iTunes App Store
4 Tracks Audio Recorder

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Are netbooks a viable platform for mobile music?

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a netbook for a while now. I’m coming around to the view that there is a viable space inbetween my laptop and my iPhone / other portable devices that’s big enough to do something with. But I know very little about netbook OS’s, and I want to avoid going down the XP route if possible, which makes me wonder what is possible with a netbook?

Can you use it for making mobile music? Are netbooks powerful enough, and is there any music software that’s worth running on them.

In some ways netbooks today make me think of my old Toshiba Libretto which I got rid of a couple of years ago. I really liked the device, but couldn’t really find a use for it, and I want to avoid having the same experience with a netbook.

So, what should I go for? Any suggestions, or should I wait for the much fabled Apple netbook which may never ever arrive?

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