Mujik, another app worth waiting for

This looks wonderful. I love the sound.

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Here’s 2 things I love in one device

Wouldn’t you love to make this? I keep meaning to get around to getting an NXT kit for myself.

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Have you voted?

I always think it is a good idea to vote for stuff you think is worthwhile. Although there aren’t too many music apps on this there are few and so worth supporting.

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Anyone using GearJunkies User Studios?

I was taking a look at this stuff today and wondering about putting some of my mobile stuff on it. I wondered if anyone who reads the blog has their set up on there?

If you do, please let me know.

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Loads of Apple netbook rumours again

Once again there are loads of rumours about an Apple netbook, apparently for this autumn.

Obviously it’d be great news if they did bring one out, but they’ve consistently said that they won’t bring one out. One question I have is what OS would it run? Before Chrome OS was announced I would have assumed that an Apple netbook would run standard OSX, but now I wonder if Apple might do something in the middle ground between OSX and the iPhone OS?

Who knows.

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