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iSequence – a music workstation for iPhone from giku juju on Vimeo.

Thanks to Matt who pointed me at this video and the developer’s site which has this:

★ Midi export
★ Wav file export
★ Additional instruments
★ Filters and automation

Excellent news.

iSequence on the app store:

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  1. Cool. Updates are always welcome. I haven't really used this much since I bought it. Probably should have held back I think as the price dropped a day or so later! That'll teach me to be an early adopter of all things musical!

    Anyone tried fingerbeat yet? It's good fun.

  2. Played a bit with iSequence, and the update sounds good – but posting really to second the recommendation of fingerbeat. It's always good (especially for a musical neophyte like me) when an app is so well designed you can start making music without taking a deep breath and looking for support pages that may not exist….looking forward to other opinions on both these apps.

  3. after a day with iSequence it is a great little App with loads of potential, even though it is 4 tracks in the words of Jaroslaw.

    “You can use as many instruments as you want on a single track.
    Unlike normal sequencers isequence doesn't bind instrument to track.”

    this basically means you can have any note in a sequence playing a different sound.

    kick from electro
    snare from hard kit

    etc etc.

    very clever iphone programming indeed 🙂

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