Thanks to those of you who’ve suggested I take a look at FingerBeat for the iPhone. This app does look like it is worth getting on my iPhone. It features:

● Low latency pads
● 8x Channel Mixer with Volume/Balance/Mute functions
● 6x Skins + User Photo using camera or own gallery.
● Built in sounds + kit templates
● Demo Function
● 16bit 44Khz Sampler using internal microphone
● 16 Banks “8 user”
● 6x Pattern blocks per kit
● Ability to use microphone* with external speaker source
* only on iPhone & iPod Touch 2nd generation.

FingerBeat at the App Stpre:

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  1. I'm waiting until v.2.0 is released. It will have the ability to upload your own samples, more user banks, and other “pro” features. The interface/work flow is the biggest attraction for me. Intua also says they are working on a v.2.0 for beatmaker…. we'll see who comes out on top.

  2. I don't use it anymore, I did for about a month (because other apps arrived doing more like I do), and their support is great! They take their time answering by email all possible questions (like copyright stuff questions), a very friendly way. This is not common for a company so worth mentioning. Marc Bestgen

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