Sound Scope Space gets released

The awaited app from The Strange Agency arrives. Here’s the press release:
Building on the huge success of its free Sound Scope iPhone application, the Strange Agency LLC has just released the new Sound Scope Space, a unique audio-visual, multi-touch musical instrument for the iPhone.

With a completely rewritten audio engine, Space gives users the unique wave-sculpting touch interface of the original, but with added range and precision. Notes are now quantized to standard MIDI semitone values, allowing Space to play nicely with other instruments — on stage, in the studio or on the bus.

Unlike other mono-synths that let a user select from two or three basic waveforms, the Sound Scope series allows users to sculpt sound waves freely, giving its users an endless sonic palette. The now classic realtime Sound Scope display, an oscilloscope-like waveform rendering, lets users see their sound as well as hear it.

Rather than use a keyboard of fixed size, Space utilizes the potential of touch by allowing users to pan and zoom the pitch space. Using two fingers on the pitch ruler along each edge, the user can pinch or drag to quickly hone in on a given octave with great precision or to zoom out for maximum range.

The novel Kuzmoscillator™ provides two LFO controls in one unusual gestural interface. With a quick swipe of the finger, the user can set both pitch and volume modulation. Rather than using a “rate” and “depth” knob for each LFO, the Kuzmoscillator™ measures both the direction and the speed of a swipe, thus a fast vertical swipe creates a warbling vibrato while a slow horizontal swipe will gradually shift the volume up and down.

Capitalizing on the iPhone’s multi-touch capability, Space adds an arpeggiator thus allowing users to easily play patterns of notes. A synchronized echo effect adds even more sonic possibilities; with the arpeggiator disabled, a user can vary the length of the echo effect using the tempo control, packing a lot of variation into a simple interface.

Sound Scope Space at the app store:
Sound Scope Space

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Curtis wishes

I found this on the Strange Agency web site. Curtis Heavy wishlist:

  • load external sounds
  • crossfade between several sound layers
  • select time range instead of single point
  • modulate position and size
  • record touch movement

It’d be great to get these features into Curtis.

Curtis on the app store:
Curtis - Granular Synthesizer

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Tim Cole is on MySpace

Amazing who you find on social networking sites. Here’s Tim Cole from Intermorphic with some good songs too.

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New track on MySpace

A week or so ago I was playing with Sunvox and using samples and loops. Great fun to play with. Anyway, I’ve put one of these on Myspace. It isn’t entirely finished, but I quite like it as it is.

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1st Music video shot with a 3GS

It had to happen really. The quality of the video isn’t bad though.

Sadly it makes me want to get a 3GS even more than before.

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FIRe is back at the app store

FIRe is back again. With 3.0 compatibility sorted out and a range of other enhancements.

FIRe at the app store:
FiRe - Field Recorder

Sunvox on the iPhone

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll on what would be a fair price for Sunvox on the iPhone. The winner was $9.99 although a few commenters said that they would pay more than the top end of the scale for this app.

A few weeks ago Nightradio (the developer) said that he was 95% there on the app so it will be up to him now to see what he wants to sell this for. I hope that the poll has been useful.

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