Sudden influx of ‘official’ apps?

Has anyone else noticed this? There seems to be a massive increase in the number of artist apps turning up on the app store. As of now there are 91 pages of music apps in the music store. Whilst search is fine for finding something you know about the sheer number of apps around now makes discovering something new very difficult indeed.

I think Apple should think about some sub-categories pretty quick or no one will be able to find anything else new.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. I gave up browsing the music category on my iPod this morning and decided to wait until on my computer. What do you reckon would be good categories?

    * Artist-related
    * Toys/fun (for all “funny” sound effect apps like farts etc.)
    * Music making (umm, better name needed!)
    * Utils (metronomes, recorders, tuners, FX etc.)


  2. I like your thinking. I'd go for:

    – Artist related
    – Toys
    – Pro audio (recorders et)
    – Pro music (synths
    – Ultilities

    I bet they won't change for a while though.


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