Amidio considering Ovi store, and …

Here’s a comment from the chaps at Amidio:

Actually Amidio did develop for PC/VST ( is based on our never-released VST plugin (which I still use for some of my own music making))

We registered at the Nokia Ovi store and are considering developing something for them.

P.S. Hot Dancer is finally out in the appstore (made it just yesterday). It has been first submitted on the 22 of January so it took 6 months to be approved 🙂

I am tempted to try out their ‘Hot Dancer’ game, just to see what all the fuss was with Apple.

You can find it at the app store here:
Hot Dancer

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Shameless self promotion

There was a comment on a post about the Noise.IO t-shirt saying that there should be some palm sounds t-shirts.

Well, there has been a t-shirt around for a while. You can see it above, and if you want one you can click here. I’m pondering on doing some more ‘creative’ t-shirt designs around the theme of mobile music, so hopefully I might get that done in the next few weeks.

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Scoreless Music Suite

I had this comment from the maker of Chordica:

Application Name : Scoreless Music Suite

Application Description :

Using a revolutionary approach to crafting a portable musical device, only made possible by the technologies put together by Apple Inc., the Scoreless Music Suite is set to change the way people learn and play accompaniment music. The suite features every music application designed by Joash Chee, including the innovative Chordica musical instrument that allows anyone to play thousands of chords with only two fingers.

The Scoreless Music Suite includes:

Use the built-in piano keyboard to play along with a song’s melody. As you confirm notes that coincide with what’s being played, KeyFinder will narrow down the number of possible keys the song is in.

With Chord/Changer, it is now easy to convert chord sheets written in alphabet form to numbers so that you can use them with instruments such as the Chordica. Using the new ChordPlay feature, you can even play a song just by tapping the chords on the charts! (Video demo on website)

– CHORDICA 1.1.1 –
Play the only instrument designed exclusively for the iPhone OS and powered by the number system as taught by Scoreless Music.

For More Information and Preview Videos :

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Sudden influx of ‘official’ apps?

Has anyone else noticed this? There seems to be a massive increase in the number of artist apps turning up on the app store. As of now there are 91 pages of music apps in the music store. Whilst search is fine for finding something you know about the sheer number of apps around now makes discovering something new very difficult indeed.

I think Apple should think about some sub-categories pretty quick or no one will be able to find anything else new.

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Musique non talent on 3.0

Musique non talent’s take on Apple’s 3.0 upgrade. Some interesting thoughts on the external mic.

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Megasynth update

Megasynth has been updated and can now export to WAV as well as CAF files.

Megasynth at the app store:

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Pianofly update

Pianofly Pro Synth has been updated with bug fixes and also the following functionality:

– Revert Sound: Allowing you to go back to the way a sound was when you launched the app
– Select sound while playing
– Performance enhancements and compatibility with 3.0

PianoFly Pro Synth at the app store:
Pianofly Pro Synth

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