Will Amidio develop for other platforms?

Since the arrival of native apps on the iPhone, we’ve seen a real explosion of apps and new developers, most of whom haven’t been developing applications for other platforms (with a few notable exceptions: Intermorphic, miniMusic, etc).

So will any make the move over to Windows Mobile or Android, or even make something for the Antix game player?

So, if there are any devs reading, let me know if you have porting plans …

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  1. Actually Amidio did develop for PC/VST (Noise.io is based on our never-released VST plugin (which I still use for some of my own music making))

    We registered at the Nokia Ovi store and are considering developing something for them.

    P.S. Hot Dancer is finally out in the appstore (made it just yesterday). It has been first submitted on the 22 of January so it took 6 months to be approved 🙂

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