If you’re a loyal Bhajis fan, then this is place to put your tracks. A purpose made SoundCloud Group. Excellent. Now I just need to pull together all those tracks that I haven’t finished.

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  1. thanks for helping to spread the word! 😀

    let me know when you join and i'll add you as a moderator of the group

    i'm going to try to record some Microbe jams soon to share with the Group


  2. Always happy to spread the bhajis news, and this is a great idea.

    I'll be in touch once I've got my stuff organised, and I'd be more than happy to be a moderator on the group.

  3. aah, memories. I think Olivier truly created one of the (still) greatest mobile studio environments with Bhajis Loops, and an excellent contender still today. I sometimes miss my old Treo 700p or Tungsten T3 running BL. Good times,

    Now if I can just find that email with the access code and my Treo's power supply… >.>

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