iDrum beatboxing edition

In the past I’ve not been impressed with the various versions of iDrum that all do the same thing but with different sets of samples. Well, along comes a new version that does something different. The beatboxing version lets you record your own samples with a range of effects too.

So, well done to iZotope for doing something new with the iDrum format.

iDrum beatboxing edition is on the app store:
iDrum Beatboxing Edition

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  1. Appears not, in fact it still isn't that much cop. The iDrum interface is so brilliant, it's just that it is so crippled by it's lack of features. A real shame.

  2. If you have desktop iDrum, you can set the shuffle in that, otherwise, you have to try to find an existing pattern that has the shuffle that you want.

  3. I wonder if the audio input will work with an external mic on 1st gen touches.
    Maybe I will take a chance with it since a hardware upgrade is inevitable.

  4. Anon – I second that. Amazing interface, shame about the rest.

    Velocipede – I didn't realise that was possible. It's OK if one already owns the software, but forking out $60 just to facilitate changing one small setting in a £3 app just doesn't seem right 🙂

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