In the past I’ve not been impressed with the various versions of iDrum that all do the same thing but with different sets of samples. Well, along comes a new version that does something different. The beatboxing version lets you record your own samples with a range of effects too.

So, well done to iZotope for doing something new with the iDrum format.

iDrum beatboxing edition is on the app store:
iDrum Beatboxing Edition

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  1. Appears not, in fact it still isn't that much cop. The iDrum interface is so brilliant, it's just that it is so crippled by it's lack of features. A real shame.


  2. Anon – I second that. Amazing interface, shame about the rest.

    Velocipede – I didn't realise that was possible. It's OK if one already owns the software, but forking out $60 just to facilitate changing one small setting in a £3 app just doesn't seem right 🙂


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