TouchOSC update

TouchOSC for the iPhone has been updated and now has editable layouts using desktop software for Mac and PC.

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FIRe gone out?

Thanks to Nate for this comment:

Its not even on the store here anymore in the US (and it doesn’t work for me either), so my guess is they are working on it.

It would be a shame if FIRe vanished off the app store as it is the only audio app to currently have SoundCloud integration.

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C64 emulator might make it to the store

According to this article, the C64 emulator mght just make it into the app store after all.

If it does get in then that would be great news for a whole host of emulators and platforms, such as Antix.

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Will Amidio develop for other platforms?

Since the arrival of native apps on the iPhone, we’ve seen a real explosion of apps and new developers, most of whom haven’t been developing applications for other platforms (with a few notable exceptions: Intermorphic, miniMusic, etc).

So will any make the move over to Windows Mobile or Android, or even make something for the Antix game player?

So, if there are any devs reading, let me know if you have porting plans …

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Who put my FIRe out?

Is anyone having trouble with FIRe? It has stopped working on my iPhone. I’ve heard a few other stories of apps just not working in 3.0 anymore. Anyone having similar problems?
(Sorry about the cheesy title)

FIRe at the app store:
FiRe - Field Recorder

Mobile music from long ago

Sorry, just had to post this picture from retrothing.

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iDrum beatboxing edition

In the past I’ve not been impressed with the various versions of iDrum that all do the same thing but with different sets of samples. Well, along comes a new version that does something different. The beatboxing version lets you record your own samples with a range of effects too.

So, well done to iZotope for doing something new with the iDrum format.

iDrum beatboxing edition is on the app store:
iDrum Beatboxing Edition

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