Country restrictions on apps?

I’ve noticed and heard that there are some apps that aren’t available in some iTunes app stores. I don’t know why this is, but I can guess that with certain apps, Amazon’s Kindle for example, there may be legal reasons why an app can’t be released in a specific country.

However, I’ve no idea why that might apply for music apps. So why do some them not appear on all stores? Any devs out there can give a comment?

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Custom White nanoKontrol

Matrixsynth has pictures of this very nice looking custom white nanoKontrol.

I’m still in two minds as to whether to buy on of these things or not. If I added up all the things on my personal wishlist at the moment I think the cost would scare me (so I’m NOT going to do that).

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Pacemaker video tutorials posted (via GearJunkies)

GearJunkies has this post on a set of video tutorials from Tonium, maker of the DJ device Pacemaker.

I still think that they could do really well releasing a software version of their functionality on some of the popular platforms and access a far wider audience who won’t by buying their hardware.

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Megasynth in Computer Music

I managed to get a copy of the July edition of Computer music to see what they have to say about iPhone apps. There’s a brief but positive write up on Megasynth, which is one of my favs.

Glad to see that mobile music making has come a long way in the last year or two and is becoming increasingly mainstream.

Megasynth at the app store:

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For the retro in us all …

CDM has a great post on the 30th birthday of the walkman. How excellent is that.

Now I want one of those Akai 4-track walkman things again!

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Antix Player ported to Linux

Antix have ported their game player platform over to Linux. In addition Firefox now as a plugin to use AGP games. It looks like Antix is really extending out to embrace multiple platforms simultaneously.

I guess the two things I’d like to know are if developers are going to buy into Antix as a delivery platform, and if Antix will be able to make a player for the iPhone?

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