Sunvox poll

I tried to do this yesterday, but blogger had some problem. Anyway, for the next week we can work out what a fair price would be for Sunvox on the iPhone.

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6 responses to “Sunvox poll”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Personally I think it is worth more than $15.99


  2. Drewzle says :

    shouldn't this really be left to Alex to decide? I have found Sunvox to be great value, the app is brilliant and the customer support is second to none. I had a few issues in the first weeks of using it and was helped in every instance. Plus it is in active development with users' opinions and requests being taken into consideration,(over at the Warmplace forums). Plus, to my knowledge this is a one-man operation, no teams of programmers or anything. I can understand vetoing the price of major applications, but it seems counterproductive to second-guess the pricing of a homebrew program. Just my 2 cents….


  3. Anonymous says :

    Good poll, I think it is worth more though.


  4. Palm-Sounds says :

    Drewzle, you're right, it is up to Alex, but he sort of suggested that he'd be interested in the feedback on what the right price would be so I ran the poll.

    It will be up to him to decide what he wants to do with the information.

    Interestingly there have been a couple of comments saying that $15.99 isn't enough anyway.


  5. Drewzle says :

    sure, not trying to rock the boat there just speaking my thoughts. i didn't realise Alex was involved – you're right, it will be good for him to gauge a decent price.

    keep up the good work, both of you


  6. Anonymous says :

    I guess he took note then. Good price for this app


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