New NLog beta soon?

Looks like there may be more NLog goodness coming soon according to this tweet:

Working still on next beta, but played too long around with Virus TI:-) It is a good target for NLog synth. 1 or 2 more nights for beta..

I like the idea of the Virus TI being a target for NLog.

NLog in the iTunes app store:
NLog Synthesizer

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15 responses to “New NLog beta soon?”

  1. Pighood says :


    By “target” to you mean NLog will be a sort of mini virus? I have a TI also…it's a wonderful synth. NLog should be its own creature with its own unique features and character.


  2. Anonymous says :

    I can't wait… I'm a beta tester and the last beta blew me away… – Metaphormidable


  3. Palm-Sounds says :

    I think you're right about it being a synth on its own, but I also think that it could be nice to have some of the good bits of the virus.


  4. Pighood says :

    I agree…made an extensive list of feature suggestions to Rolf for his “pro” version (3 oscillators, multiple LFO's & filters, arpeggiator)…some virus like, some unique.


  5. robman84 says :

    Poor Rolf. He created a monster that we need to see grow and grow!

    Always looking forward to new features :o)


  6. Pighood says :

    Oops…lest he forget….

    Monophonic mode w/portamento, multiple audio rate FM (between oscs), hold button for locking release…


  7. David 7 Skies says :

    Loool, looks like I have a lot of work to do on photoshop in the next months :
    By the way, hope the beta testers like the gui:)
    I won't ask about Nlog its self because that s amazing even without a graphic!


  8. Palm-Sounds says :

    Hi David, did you do the design for the NLog UI?


  9. robman84 says :

    I love the gui. I love the sound. I love NLog :o)

    I'd love a virtual modular synth someday too, since putting every modulation route in that I've asked Rolf for would be probably impractical in terms of interface. Get the “patch cables” flying. I reckon the iPhone would be cool for that. A bit like a beefed up DS-10.

    You could probably do something along those lines with Jasuto, but it would cripple my poor 1G iPod Touch.


  10. Pighood says :

    I'm the wrong David.

    @Robman…Jasuto makes me moist in my groinal area.


  11. David 7 Skies says :

    Yup I m the man😀 hope you like it


  12. Pighood says :

    It's GORGEOUS, Dave….but PLEASE redo the parameter labels! There's not enough contract between the small black letters and the dark grey background.


  13. David 7 Skies says :

    I know about the label, but at the moment is the only way to deliver a decent and simple design.
    Tried various combination but it was causing a lot of mess with the parameters type, I will keep trying, hopefully in the next updates.


  14. Anonymous says :

    Where's the new version then?


  15. Anonymous says :

    Still waiting for this update. Any more news on what will be in it?


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