New NLog beta soon?

Looks like there may be more NLog goodness coming soon according to this tweet:

Working still on next beta, but played too long around with Virus TI 🙂 It is a good target for NLog synth. 1 or 2 more nights for beta..

I like the idea of the Virus TI being a target for NLog.

NLog in the iTunes app store:
NLog Synthesizer

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  1. Rolf…

    By “target” to you mean NLog will be a sort of mini virus? I have a TI also…it's a wonderful synth. NLog should be its own creature with its own unique features and character.

  2. I can't wait… I'm a beta tester and the last beta blew me away… – Metaphormidable

  3. I think you're right about it being a synth on its own, but I also think that it could be nice to have some of the good bits of the virus.

  4. I agree…made an extensive list of feature suggestions to Rolf for his “pro” version (3 oscillators, multiple LFO's & filters, arpeggiator)…some virus like, some unique.

  5. Oops…lest he forget….

    Monophonic mode w/portamento, multiple audio rate FM (between oscs), hold button for locking release…

  6. Loool, looks like I have a lot of work to do on photoshop in the next months :
    By the way, hope the beta testers like the gui 🙂
    I won't ask about Nlog its self because that s amazing even without a graphic!

  7. I love the gui. I love the sound. I love NLog :o)

    I'd love a virtual modular synth someday too, since putting every modulation route in that I've asked Rolf for would be probably impractical in terms of interface. Get the “patch cables” flying. I reckon the iPhone would be cool for that. A bit like a beefed up DS-10.

    You could probably do something along those lines with Jasuto, but it would cripple my poor 1G iPod Touch.

  8. It's GORGEOUS, Dave….but PLEASE redo the parameter labels! There's not enough contract between the small black letters and the dark grey background.

  9. I know about the label, but at the moment is the only way to deliver a decent and simple design.
    Tried various combination but it was causing a lot of mess with the parameters type, I will keep trying, hopefully in the next updates.

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