Sunvox on sale

If you’ve been on the Palm Sounds Group or the Sunvox site you’ll know that Sunvox is on sale for $9.90 at the moment. So, what would you pay for the iPhone version then?

How about a little poll then?

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  1. I just hope its real soon! I think the developer should just decide on the lowest price that would keep his soul happy/pay his overhead and set it there. As we all know, the lower the price the higher the volume of sales. Especially with iPhone apps.

    That being said I'd totally pay $20 for it. But thats if it included a license for the desktop version so I could go back and forth.


  2. Lets say the app is as “perfect” as it can be, it has a good functional UI and I don't have to press the same place 3 or 4 times to hit the right button, easy file transfer and back-up system, good documentation and support, complete compatibility with the other platforms so I can easily take my projects and work on my computer or another idevice if I want. An app like that I'd spend $20-$25. I don't think it's fair to price gouge the initial users because they are the ones that will spread the word. The reason ableton has gained so much popularity and success is a low entry price (for a DAW) and large supportive user base.


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