iPhone music

Multiple iPhone apps used in one video. 9 apps were used in this video. Shows you what you can do with something like the iphone.

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8 responses to “iPhone music”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Does anyone know what the app is that is doing the breaks at the end?


  2. formal says :

    It seems all the sequencing/trackin is done in a computer DAW so they are able to do some cool effects and production tricks.


  3. Palm-Sounds says :

    I was wondering that myself. If you find out please post back a comment.


  4. the6thduke says :

    Junglist Drums;



    The DAW is probably Logic, as you can do both music and visual editing with Logic. It could though be Final Cut Pro. Not too sure there.:)


  5. Barry says :

    Along these lines, here's a video parody of the “There's An App For That” ad made entirely with iPhone music apps!


  6. Anonymous says :

    What's the thumb piano thing called?


  7. Anonymous says :

    Like the kalimbe app


  8. Anonymous says :

    Nice vid


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