Sunvox on sale

If you’ve been on the Palm Sounds Group or the Sunvox site you’ll know that Sunvox is on sale for $9.90 at the moment. So, what would you pay for the iPhone version then?

How about a little poll then?

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TUAW on micro podcasting

TUAW has a good post on micro podcasting including what Audioboo are up to.

I still haven’t made much progress in this direction personally, but what I’m waiting for is for services to be able to take audio already produced on the iPhone and upload that. I’m guessing that copy and paste should be able to do it, or perhaps developers will have to build micro podcasting services into their apps.

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iPhone music

Multiple iPhone apps used in one video. 9 apps were used in this video. Shows you what you can do with something like the iphone.

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Looptastic Electro Edition update

The original Looptastic app has been updated, this latest update allows for export to a mac or PC. I’m assuming (and hoping) that the export is of the finished track.

Looptastic Electro Edition available at the iTunes App Store

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iShred 1.6

iShred 1.6 has arrived and now includes a load of new features:

– Export track to audio
– Play along to backing tracks from iShred
– News notifications inside iShred
– Faster menus
– Airplay filter improvements

iShred at the app store:
iShred: Guitar + Effects

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Curtis update

Curtis has been updated and now has an improved synthesis engine together with some bug fixes.

Curtis on the app store:
Curtis - Granular Synthesizer

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Synthtopia on Gakken MIDI hack

Details of this excellent hack via Synthtopia.

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