Korg DS-10 PLUS !!!!

Following on from the post a few days ago about the possibility about a new version, here it is. The main new features are:

  • 4 x Analogue Synths (from 2)
  • 8 x Drum synths
  • 12 tracks
  • Real time editing

However, I think the newer features are only workable with the DSi, at least that’s the implication from the video above.

One thing that did strike me was that he ends with “and that’s just the beginning”, so what does that mean?

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10 responses to “Korg DS-10 PLUS !!!!”

  1. robman84 says :

    Sweeeeeet. Can't wait.

    Have to say that video was hilarious. I assume they were spoofing Apple's presentation style. A bit OTT on the (canned?) applause though (rather like at Apple presentations too I suppose!).


  2. Slonie says :

    Awesome Stevenote parody. And great news to see the DS-10 is evolving as well!


  3. the6thduke says :

    Yes, agreed- a total rip off of a classic Steve Jobs keynote- really funny and superb. Especially loved the canned laughter- made me laugh out loud!!

    Could the Korg DS-10 replace my beloved Korg EM-1??


  4. Anonymous says :

    if im reading between the lines right, to enjoy double the synths & drums etc, you will basically have to link 2 DS(i)s.


  5. Anonymous says :

    “That's just the beginning”? Hmmm, sounds to me like there will be 32 step patterns, a better Kaoss pad, more synth sounds and SD card support. Here's hoping that's what he meant.


  6. robman84 says :

    I read it as the DSi can double-up the instruments, but the DS can't. Possibly due to processor speed and memory increase?


  7. korg ds-10 says :

    on the synthesizer front, they should probably add an envelope for the filter and a variable width pulse wave.


  8. Anonymous says :

    When will it hit the UK and will there be any reason for DS (not DSi) owners to buy it?


  9. Anonymous says :

    Is it worth buying a DSi?


  10. Anonymous says :

    Any ideas when this is coming out in the UK?


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