Unlimited apps in OS 3.0

I found this article at PCWorld which says:

Unlimited Number of Apps Installed
In the 3.0 software update, you can now install an unlimited number of application (as long as the storage space allows you). The number of applications pages has increased from nine to 11 and any apps installed above the 176 that could fit on these pages will not be visible (no icons on pages). However, these invisible apps can be accessed via Spotlight (see above multiple ways to access Spotlight).

I didn’t know that before. Not that I think it is actually much of a feature to be only able to access an application by searching for it.

There’s something else to add to the list for the next update.

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  1. Stupid stupid stupid Apple. They brag so much about there being 50k apps in the app store, but don't tell people that if they install more than 0.3% of them they won't be able to actually see them on their springboard.

    So I've still got about 20 apps I'd like to have on my device that I can't have, even with the 3.0 update, and that's after getting rid of all “fun” toys.

  2. You can also jailbreak and add categories/folders to dump your appz into. This is not the best workaround, but it gets the job done too.

  3. I'm afraid chaps, that I beg to differ. Scrolling through pages and pages of apps with sometimes rather bad icons, has been a major pain in the a**e. It has been utterly brilliant to be able to tap in the application or file that I've wanted, and get it to launch instantaneously through the use of the new and welcome Spotlight feature. So there! :¬)

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