C64 emulator rejected by Apple (via Toucharcade)

This is just silly as far as I can see. This emulator looks great, so why not let it in? The app would be in a sandbox so why not let it go. Doesn’t make any sense to me. I think there should be a few more emulators, such as:

– ZX81
– Newton
– C64
– Palm Garnet

I think that the iPhone would be great with a few of these.

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Good questions for DGOS

An anon commenter left these questions today and I thought that they were worth repeating:

It’ll be good to try this OS out when it makes it to production strength.
I’d like to know whether the support for audio is good and if developers can make audio apps simply.
Also, how will apps get paid for or will they all have to open source?

I think I’d like to know the answers to these.

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Send in some shots of your set up

After this excellet picture I’d like to open this up to get more shots in of your set up. Send you pictures to palm dot sounds at mac dot com, or send a link to you pictures.

I’d love to see more of these shots, so please send them in.

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Sunvox at 95% complete, but how much?

I’ve been meaning to post about Sunvox again especially as this comment says that it is at 95% complete, and that was on the 8th.

So, how much would you be prepared to pay for Sunvox on the iPod Touch and the iPhone?

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OT: Ok, this is not really handheld

I saw this first at FutureMusic, and it is awesome looking to say the least. You can run it on batteries and it does use an SD card to record to. I’ve checked a couple of retail prices and they range from £373 to £430. But 8 channels in is amazing for something this small.

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I didn’t know about this

I stumbled over this info just know, which is good to know. Not exactly the level of customisation I’d want, but a very small step:

If you wanted to move an application to a home screen that was more than one screen away, you would slide it to the side, wait for the page to move, pull it back, slide it to the side, wait for that page to move, and so on until you reached the page you wanted. It was tedious! Well, no more, as Apple has finally made this a tad easier.

With the new 3.0 update, if you slide the app to the side of the screen and hold it there, the screens will flip by one after the other without you having to slide back and forth! This may not be the Home Screen Reorganization Tool that we’d want, but at least it’s something.

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First thoughts on Jasuto 1.1

I managed to get some time to play with this on Friday whilst on a train into London, so it wasn’t a big session with Jasuto 1.1. However, so far I’ve been really impressed with the update. For me, one of the best things so far is the improved file save layout. That’s a great step in the right direction.

As I get to play with it a bit more I’ll write again.

Jasuto is available at the app store:
Jasuto modular synthesizer

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