I stumbled over this info about a new Windows Mobile app that seems to be more along the lines of the sort of apps that have been coming out for the iPhone / iPod Touch platform.

Whilst it doesn’t really push things out for me in terms of Windows Mobile apps, the one thing it may be a sign of is that there may be more developers getting interested in Windows Mobile music making as a result of what Apple have done and the success of music apps on their platform.

I hope I’m right.

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  1. Well, Intermorphic have no intention of giving up on Windows Mobile, that is for sure! 🙂

    The approach we've taken is to try and embrace all the key platforms – provided they support C++, Posix threads and a few other bits and bobs as a baselines. So that allows Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Mac/Windows desktops. And even VSTi/AU variants!

    Given that lowest common denominator, in order to make our development cost-effective, the key for us has been to engineer our products from the beginnning to be able to reuse 95+% of our UI code, and 99+% of all other code, across all platforms we support.

    NB: this baseline requirement on C++ means that for now, the Palm Pre isn't a viable target for Mixtikl.


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