Will Intua release any other apps?

Intua have been really successful with BeatMaker, but I wonder if they’ll release anything else for the iPhone or other platform, BeatMaker is a great application and is one of the best music apps on the platform, and I have been really impressed with the updates too, but I’d like to think that they’d have more innovation to bring.

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BeatMaker at the iTunes App Store

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  1. Have to agree. Beatmaker is so good these days I'd like to see other stuff for it (e.g. some of the gazillions of requests on the Intua forum).

    For now, I'm using it extensively as a “live performance” tool – load up 16 loops, set them all to trigger once at the start of the beat, loop the pattern and then set the pads into mute mode to bring them in an out, with frequent trips to the FX section.


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