With Apple’s release of iPhone OS 3.0 coming in a week I thought I’d pose some questions about what the new functionality will mean for music and audio applications.

One of the big features that was missing from the iPhone was copy and paste. Apple have addressd this but have gone further allowing developers the ability to define their own data types. So will this mean the ability to cut and paste audio from one app to another? Could this get around the problems of moving audio from one app to another? I hope so.

Another big feature is peer to peer connectivity. I am looking forward to this bringing real time collaboration in apps and also apps designed just for this purpose.

What do you think we’ll see from the 17th onwards? Any thoughts?

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  1. The issue I'm worried about with copy/paste for raw audio is the limited RAM. We haven't had a chance to test large data types, but my guess is that it has to fit in available RAM. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Apple is writing the clipboard out to disk and can support very large files. Fingers crossed.

    But smaller data should be no problem (MIDI sequences, Sound definitions, ABC notation, Plugins?, etc.)


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