Thinking 3.0

With Apple’s release of iPhone OS 3.0 coming in a week I thought I’d pose some questions about what the new functionality will mean for music and audio applications.

One of the big features that was missing from the iPhone was copy and paste. Apple have addressd this but have gone further allowing developers the ability to define their own data types. So will this mean the ability to cut and paste audio from one app to another? Could this get around the problems of moving audio from one app to another? I hope so.

Another big feature is peer to peer connectivity. I am looking forward to this bringing real time collaboration in apps and also apps designed just for this purpose.

What do you think we’ll see from the 17th onwards? Any thoughts?

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CDM on Kongregate Collabs

This may seem a bit off topic, but I wanted to give this a bit of a promote as I think that this is a great idea and something that lots of musicians should look into for getting their work out and collaborating with developers. It is worth checking out, more at CDM.

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Wouldn’t it be great

If we had NTrans or something very like it for the iPhone platform? I was just thinking about this after the Line 6 announcement on Monday, and wondering which other hardware vendors would jump in and start making really cool hardware for the platform.

For me the killer would be a tiny keyboard that would fit into an iPhone sized case that also holds the device, so you can take it out and use the physical keyboard with whatever apps support a keyboard interface. What would you want?

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This looks like something I remember

From the maker of Sruti box, but I don’t know what it is. It reminds me of SpinPad from miniMusic though.

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WWDC: Nothing for the Touch?

I’ve seen a few people mention this now, that Apple did nothing with the iPod Touch in this update. I have no idea what it means, but perhaps there’s something even bigger and better coming for the Touch line when Mr Jobs comes back later this month?

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The Gadgeteer spends a week with the Pre

Days 2 and 3 on the Pre from the Gadgeteer. So far I am not tempted at all.

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