I am really annoyed at o2 for not allowing upgrades for existing iPhone 3G customers. This is complete nonsense and makes no sense at all !!!!

Ok. Rant over.

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  1. I would be angry too if I was locked into a contract. When my friend broke my ipod touch I was gonna replace it with another 2nd gen one. For a cheaper price I was able to snag a used 1st gen iphone instead. It looks like I will be waiting a year or so to get a 3gs once the used market prices come down a bit. My iphone is perfect for right now. Knowing apple they will release a new ipod touch with the same CPU/GPU (since this is the important part of the upgrade) As long as the hardware is similar the more advanced apps will work.


  2. I'm in the same boat as you… But really mate, grow up! This blog's great, please don't ruin it with childish tantrums like this!

    Have you ever had any other handset on any other network which afforded you the privilege of an early upgrade? The only reason the 1st gen owners were offered a cheap upgrade was the extortionate initial cost of the device.

    Regardless, if your blag is good when you're down the O2 shop, you'll get yourself a GS. I'll eat my hat if I don't!


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