Line 6 and the iPhone

More info on the line 6 app and interface for the iPhone. I hope that this will be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to music hardware integration for the iPhone. I’d love to see some micro keyboards and recording hardware appear too.

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More pics from Teenage Engineering

More nice pictures from the OP-1 manufacturing meetings.

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Details of Jasuto 1.1

Jasuto 1.1 is NOT the big update, but here’s what’s in it:

1) disabled auto-lock.
2) you can now double tap number sliders to enter values via the keyboard.
3) the gain slider now works with the ports default value.
4) fixed all the wire auto-routing bugs!
5) cleaned the GUI up somewhat.
6) HTTP server allowing you to up/download patches and samples to your device.
7) file browser, allowing unlimited patches and sample loading. Only 16bit, mono/stereo Wavs are supported for now. Aiff support will be in the big update. You can also search for patches and samples within the browser.
8) band-limited analog oscillators.
9) simplified the way hard-sync is done with the BL-oscillators, the sound quality is also much improved.
10) sequencer node now has a transpose input allowing you to make arpeggios.
11) oscillators now support the full frequency range.
12) more DSP optimizations.
13) changed the font.
14) routing and latency settings are now saved on exit.
15) compatibility with OS 2.2-3.0
16) singular ports are now indicated by a blue dot.
17) lots of new examples.

So that’s what I can a non-big update !!!

Jasuto is available at the app store:
Jasuto modular synthesizer

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I am really annoyed at o2 for not allowing upgrades for existing iPhone 3G customers. This is complete nonsense and makes no sense at all !!!!

Ok. Rant over.

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8bitone first impressions

I had some to play around with this on the train this morning, and I am impressed so far. The interface is easy to work with and the sound is very clear and chiptune-ish, if indeed that is a word.

I’ve only really been mucking about so far, but I hope to do some more with it over the next few days.

8bitone at the app store:

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DGOS update

More news from DGOS. Seems to be a fair bit of progress now, although I can’t say as I understand much of it these days.

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3GS available 19/6 in UK

My mistake, the iPhone 3GS will be available in the UK on the 19th of June according to the o2 site. No news about upgraders as yet. Last time around o2 allowed 1st gen iPhone users upgrade by extending their contracts, I hope that they do the same this time.

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Pre news

According to a variety of blogs the Pre sold 50,000 on the launch weekend. Impressive, and I am pleased. I had a look at some of the initial apps for the Pre, and I wasn’t too impressed sadly. Most of them were fairly lightweight and not terribly media heavy.

It’ll be interesting to see how the app base pans out for the Pre, and if developers decide to invest their time and energy in it.

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