All the rumours were true:
– Better camera
– Video capture and trim
– Faster
– Better battery life
– 32GB model
– Digital compass
– Voice control

I want one now, but it seems that the UK will have to wait a while, July or August, bur June in the US.

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  1. Aargh, why only VGA video and 3mpix stills and no flash?

    Hopefully the current UK PAYG price (342 quid I think) will be somewhere about right for the new one.

    Wonder if the RAM is increased? Whilst CPU speed increase is lovely, we now enter into a phase of apps that will only run on the 3GS, which is really going to fragment the app store.

    I think without the endless rumours this would have been a pretty good announcement, but the rumours were so accurate this feels a bit of a let down as an announcement. Of course, no iPod Touch update either.

    So back to the waiting game for me. I've got a budget to get a new gadget and am keen to get a compact camera that records HD. I decided to wait for the new iPhone to see if the true all-in-one device would arrive. Now I'm undecided! I suppose they could price it stupidly on PAYG and make my mind up for me!!


  2. >>Of course, no iPod Touch update either.

    And no Steve Jobs ether…hmm….

    But what about that Apple tablet? Snow Leopard arrives in September, along I hope with Steve Jobs and an Apple tablet that will be the new iTouch?

    Making music when your phone goes off…take it from me, it's a pain in the az!

    “And there's just one more thing………”, Steve's gonna make a comeback, and when that day comes, it's gonna be big. And I can bet your sweet life, Jobs will burst back, armed with a brand new Apple product.

    I still want an iPhone 3GS though. That will mean 16 track recording apps, with reverb and so on ;¬)


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